Radio: the secret sauce for recruitment advertising

Let’s face it, if you’re in charge of hiring for your company or small business, it’s a jungle out there. With unemployment rates as low as they are, finding good qualified individuals to fill your open positions can sometimes feel next to impossible.

The truth is, your next great hire is out there. They just happen to be holding down a position somewhere else, and it’s virtually impossible to reach them via other traditional methods like in the paper or at job fairs.

So what’s the “secret sauce”? It’s radio. Need some more good reasons to use radio for recruitment? Consider this:

Target your message. Radio has very definable demographics. If you want to target a particularly narrow population, radio gives you that advantage! If you want to target a certain age group, education level, or even a type of worker, the Lowcountry Radio Group cluster of stations can allow you to do just that!

Reach “employed people”. The best potential employees are currently employed by someone else, and radio reaches these candidates. The Lowcountry Radio Group reaches people who may be currently unhappy in their current position, and ready to make a move. Keep in mind the “currently employed” don’t look in the paper or online for jobs!

Word of Mouth. Nobody checks traditional recruitment outlets like the newspaper, recruitment websites like Indeed, Monster, or ZipRecruiter for a friend. People will, however, tell a friend or family member about an interesting job opportunity they heard about on a Charleston Radio Group station! This significantly increases your chances of finding that perfect employee.

Separate yourself from your competitors. Instead of listing your job openings next to those of your direct competitors, Lowcountry Radio Group can give you separation, and put you front and center in front of 900,000 listeners. You’ll be the only one on stage.

Connect. Charleston Radio Group can bring your business to life. In addition to your immediate job-focused message, Lowcountry Radio Group can help to build your brand and leave a lasting impression. This “name recognition” may also help product sales and future recruiting efforts.

Move quickly. The Lowcountry Radio Group will professionally produce your recruitment message with lightning speed, so you can begin your recruitment campaign quickly, and start to see results.

So, if you’re ready to add a little “secret sauce” to your recruiting, let the Lowcountry Radio Group get to work for you. We look forward to meeting you, understanding your recruitment challenges, and creating a recruitment campaign designed specifically for your business. You’ll find no cookie-cutter here!